McLaren 720s | PPF & Ceramic

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McLaren 720s | PPF & Ceramic

We had the pleasure of working on this stunning Mclaren 720s.


We began the process by safely washing and decontaminating the vehicle, using 0 PPM filtered water to ensure a spot-free finish from the water.

Once the safe wash and decontamination process was completed, the vehicle was air-dried before being taken into the Podium Detailing studio.

The Mclaren 720s had almost full Paintwork Protection Film and the customer had noticed the rear bumper and spoiler had no Paintwork Protection Film on these panels.

We began preparation of the panels by ensuring the paintwork was completely contamination-free before machine polishing the panels for a swirl-free finish.


Once the machine polishing was completed, we carried out the installation of the Paintwork Protection Film.

`With the installation complete, we then proceeded to prepare the vehicle for Gtechniq Halo ceramic coating for Paintwork Protection Film.

Once the coating had been applied, we carried out the final details of the job including cleaning the interior and applying protectants to the interior, followed by dressing the tyres with Podium Dress Rubber and Plastic Dressing and a final wipe down of the glass with Podium Glass Cleaner.

We then finish the detail with high quality photos and videos in our detailing studio plus outside, for us to pass on to the customer to keep for his records with the vehicle.


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