Podium Detailing offer the unique service of cleaning with Dry Ice.

Dry Ice cleaning is a safe and effective way of cleaning anything from engine bays to undercarriage, suspension components and even interior surfaces.

It is safe to use on metals, rubber, electrical components, plastics and interior fabrics including alcantara/suede.

So what does Dry Ice do?

Dry Ice comes in the form of either gas with liquid to pellet machines, to ice pellets. Combined with a machine designed to be used with it and compressed air, dry ice pellets blast the surface with minus 80 degrees ice particles, freezing dirt and grime on the surface and breaking it down to then drop from the surface, leaving a clean finish without any chemicals, water whilst being 100% non abrasive.

Where would I see the benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning?

Most commonly, in the automotive industry, Dry Ice Cleaning is most commonly used for cleaning undercarriages, arches and engine bays. Wether it's for a more simple and effective way of cleaning an engine bay without the use of water possibly affecting the electronics and any filters, to cleaning worn, dirty underseal from the undercarriage to freshen it up ready for a fresh layer of underseal which we offer at Podium Detailing.

Will Dry Ice Cleaning remove rust?

A regular question we get at Podium Detailing is will Dry Ice Cleaning remove rust, unfortunately dry ice isn't a going to reverse the effects of corrosion. Any rust, or compromised finishes, for example cracked and chipped painted brake calipers, like a pressure washer with a stone chip, if you clean with dry ice with compressed air, there is always a possibility that the painted finish could flake off as it is forcing a high volume of air between the crack of compromised paint.

I have an automotive business and wish to offer this service to my clients, do you offer subcontracting?

Yes! We are able to assist in dry ice services for your business, wether it's detailing or restoration. Getting into Dry Ice Detailing is a huge investment to any company, so if you wish to be able to offer this unique service to your clients, we can certainly help, simply use the contact form on the website or email info@podiumdetailing.co.uk

We are based in the heart of Newbury, Berkshire and can help with any covered/uncovered trailer requirements to transport any vehicle to us here at Podium Detailing. Our facilities offer a 2-post lift to offer full undercarriage and engine bay dry cleaning, with full access to the undercarriage compared to a scissor lift which gives you restricted access due to the design of a scissor lift. Our facility is also air conditioned.



  • Undercarriage & Arches Dry Ice Cleaning - From £899 + VAT
  • Engine Bay Dry Ice Cleaning - From £399 + VAT
  • Arches Dry Ice Cleaning - From £399 + VAT
  • Lanoguard or Bilt Hamber Protection - From £299 + VAT

Estimated Job Time

  • Undercarriage & Arches - 8 to 16 hours
  • Engine Bay - 2 to 4 hours
  • Arches only - 2 to 4 hours
  • Additional Protection - 8 to 16 hours