Podium Detailing offers Paintwork Enhancement and Correction to help bring your paintwork back to looking it's best.

Wether it's single stage machine polish enhancement to multi-stage machine polish enhancement to remove 65% to 95% of light scratches and swirl marks to Wet Sanding Paint Correction, we offer these services at Podium Detailing to restore depth and clarity back to your paintwork.

We have all the experience and tools to make sure your paintwork looks better than new when given the Podium Detailing experience.

Once complete, we offer a selection of different finishing products from Gtechniq Accredited Ceramic Coatings, Paintwork Protection Film to Swissvax and Podium Waxes to protect the work we have carried out on your paintwork.

Pricing for Paintwork Enhancement starts from £595 (VAT Included)

Pricing for Paintwork Correction starts from £995 (VAT Included)