Gtechniq Accredited Ceramic Coatings

 Ceramic Coatings are a great way to protect your cars paintwork from the elements. Increasing surface hardness to 9H allows the ceramic coating to protect against light scratches and chemicals within the ph2-ph12 scale. Whilst the hydrophobic characteristics of Ceramic Coatings allow bonded containments such as iron fallout, tree sap, water spots, and tar easy to remove.

Ceramic Coatings increase gloss levels of the vehicle and durability of coatings vary from 12 months to 9 years. Ceramic Coatings can outlast stated durability if conditions of the vehicle are not daily driven, driven minimal mileage per year or kept in a garage away for the elements.

With such a wide variety of Ceramic Coatings out there we have one for every surface on your vehicle. Protect plastics, leathers, and rubbers against UV rays, interior fabrics against stubborn stains, exterior paint against scratches, contaminates and water spots, and glass against bug splatter.

At Podium Detailing we offer a wide range of Ceramic Coatings to suite every application plus any that customers request specifically. That's why we currently stock only the best tried and tested coatings available on the market today by Gtechniq.

In November 2023, Podium Detailing joined the accredited network of detailers for Gtechniq.

What does Podium Detailing being Gtechniq Accredited offer me?

Podium Detailing's work with Gtechniq Ceramic Coating is not only guaranteed by Gtechniq, but we are also able to offer the exclusive 10h Ceramic Coating Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, which can ONLY be purchased and applied by Gtechniq Accredited Detailers.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light includes a 5 Year Guarantee

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra includes a 9 Year Guarantee

Why should I go to a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer over a non-accredited detailer?

Whilst Gtechniq offer ceramic coatings available to the public for other valeting and detailing companies, whilst there are plenty of detailing companies who can apply the coatings within the recommended application process, there are also valeting & detailing companies who can also apply the coatings completely incorrect and , some are not able to offer the Gtechniq guarantee.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings require a controlled environment to be applied, they also require a minimum 12-hours of cure time, so no detailer should be able to offer you a same day service when it comes to the application of Gtechniq ceramic coatings.

If the vehicle is ceramic coated with Gtechniq and back on the road within anything less than 12-hours cure time, the coating will be compromised during it's curing time, causes you issues with the coating due to incorrect coating procedures, so please bare in mind any companies trying to offer this type of service and a cheaper cost, because they are simply cutting corners and compromising the product for a quicker turnaround in jobs, so bare this in mind when considering booking a detail for your vehicle.

Which Gtechniq protection is best for me and my vehicle?

We offer different levels of Gtechniq protection from 6 months protection with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal to 9 Years with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.

One thing we always discuss with a customer and their vehicle, is how long will you be owning the vehicle to see the benefit of each coating? For example, is the vehicle you own a forever car, is it something you'll have for a couple of years, is it a lease car and so on.

With these types of details when owning a vehicle, rather than us try sell you the most expensive ceramic coating option and service, we like to give customers the choice in these options, so they can see the true benefits to what they are paying for when booking in with Podium Detailing.

  • Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal - 6 Months Protection
  • Gtechniq EXOv5 Ceramic Coating - 18 months Protection
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light with EXOv5 Ceramic Coatings - 5 Years Protection including Gtechniq Guarantee
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra with EXOv5 Ceramic Coatings - 9 Years Protection including Gtechniq Guarantee
  • Gtechniq Halo v2 Vinyl and Paintwork Protection Film Flexible Ceramic Coating - 2 Years

Does my vehicle have to be machine polished before applying a ceramic coating?

Depending on the overall condition of your vehicle, it will require machine polishing to ensure any light scratches and swirl marks are removed from the surface before applying a ceramic coating, as by not doing so, you are effectively sealing in the light scratches and swirl marks with the ceramic coating, which will not mask the imperfections of light scratches and swirl marks, and only highlight them more.

Even brand new cars with zero to little mileage can have paintwork issues, from light scratches and swirl marks from poor dealership prep upon delivery of your vehicle to the dealership, to sanding marks in the paintwork from manufacturer which even the leading sports car brands suffer with this level of missed paintwork imperfections

We offer a free consultation to inspect the vehicle before booking in with Podium Detailing and talk over options with customers.


  • Paintwork Enhancement with Gtechniq Protection with 6 months protection - From £395 - Includes Paintwork protection, Wheel Faces protection, Exterior Glass coating with up to 6 months protection and Total Interior Clean and Protection
  • Paintwork Enhancement with Gtechniq Protection with 18 months protection - From £695 - Includes Paintwork Ceramic Coating, Wheel Faces Ceramic Coating, Exterior Glass Coating with 8 months protection and Total Interior Clean and Protection
  • Paintwork Enhancement with Gtechniq Protection with 5 years Guarantee - From £995 - Includes Paintwork Ceramic Coatings, Complete Wheels and Brake Caliper Ceramic Coating (when OEM brakes are painted from factory, Durable Exterior Glass Coating (up to 30 thousand miles), Exterior Trim ceramic coated and Total Interior Clean and Protection
  • Paintwork Enhancement with Gtechniq Protection with 9 years Guarantee - From £1295 - Includes Paintwork Ceramic Coatings, Complete Wheels and Brake Caliper Ceramic Coating (when OEM brakes are painted from factory), Durable Exterior Glass coating (up to 30 thousand miles), Exterior Trim Ceramic Coating and Total Interior Clean and Protection

Pricing includes VAT, all detailing packages include a complimentary membership to the Podium Paddock, from 6 months to 12 months membership depending on detailing package.

Graphene Coatings

We also offer Graphene Coatings at Podium Detailing. Graphene Coatings are considered the newest innovations to emerge in the automotive industry in recent years. However, Graphene is a carbon-based material that is not really new. Graphene comprising one layer of carbon atoms, is praised as the sturdiest material known to exist on earth. It is 200 times more rigid than steel and lighter than paper. Two things account for this strength. Today, Graphene is increasingly getting accepted in the car detailing industry due to it's hardness and ‘anti-static properties.

We would also advise an enhancement polish with any exterior Ceramic Coating option unless the vehicle is in a very good condition, this is to ensure no light scratches & swirl marks are under the applied ceramic coating.

Hours the vehicle is required with us – between 32 hours and 42 hours depending on the size of the vehicle and the options required by the customer.

Pricing start from £995

Additional Services
Wheels and calipers +
Full Wheel and Painted Caliper Protection – Using GYEON Q2 Rim coating, we apply this the complete wheel surface PLUS if your vehicle has a painted brake caliper, we also apply it to them at no extra cost for the calipers.
Interior protection package +
Whether it be fabric, leather, or both, we offer a package to protect the seats with a selection of GYEON quartz products, plus on trim panels such as the dashboard and door cards we use a UV protectant.
Engine Bay trim ceramic coating package  +
The engine bay is often an overlooked area of a vehicle, with a lot of modern vehicles now having lots of plastic or carbon covers, we offer to make maintaining them easy using GYEON Q2 Trim.