Purchasing a brand new car is one of the most expensive things you will buy in a life time and with that in mind, you want to protect your investment to keep it like new for years to come, whether that’s 2-3 years or 5 years or even your “forever” car, we at Podium Detailing want to offer you the best options to keep your car look like it has just been collected from the dealership, in fact we want to make it look better than new!  

Whilst new cars are “new” and should be near perfect, unfortunately it is not always the case. When new cars are made and completed, they get shipped world-wide on several types of transportation, from boat, train to car carriers that you regularly see on the UK’s motorways, they can unfortunately suffer with bad washing methods before it is in your possession, which you would and should expect a complete swirl free vehicle when collecting your new car, it is NEW Afterall! 

When a dealership prepares your brand-new vehicle for your collection, the time spent cleaning it and even protecting it via their own valeters they have is often no longer than 2 hours, with very little preparation of the paint finish, so regardless of any previous wash damage caused, they would simply put coating or lifeshine type product on swiftly, whilst charging hundreds of pounds for these types of options which also only last a few months. We at Podium Detailing ensure the paintwork is a better than showroom finish to give you the brand-new car finish you and your vehicle truly deserve when making such a purchase and it is now more common for any customers knowing they want a professional detailer to work on the vehicle, they request it to arrive with all the original delivery tape/protection/covers still attached to the paintwork. 


We offer a selection of packages to cater to your needs, from ceramic coating options that vary from 12-50 months durability to Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) or a combination of both plus interior and exterior packages that add if you so choose. 

If the vehicle does need a slight enhancement of the paint finish due to poor washing procedures before you took delivery, we can help get it back to the high standard it should be, with all new car packages receiving an enhanced paint finish as standard, wheel face ceramic coatings and exterior glass protection and the paintwork protected with GYEON Q2 Pure 36-month ceramic coating. 

The vehicle would be required for between 48 and 72 hours depending on the size of the vehicle. 


Additional Services
Ceramic coating +
50 Month Ceramic Coating – Using GYEON Q2 Syncro coating to offer fantastic durability, gloss, and self-cleaning capabilities.
Wheels and calipers +
Full Wheel and Painted Caliper Protection – Using GYEON Q2 Rim coating, we apply this the complete wheel surface PLUS if your vehicle has a painted brake caliper, we also apply it to them at no extra cost for the calipers.
Interior protection package +
Whether it be fabric, leather, or both, we offer a package to protect the seats with a selection of GYEON quartz products, plus on trim panels such as the dashboard and door cards we use a UV protectant.
Engine Bay trim ceramic coating package  +
The engine bay is often an overlooked area of a vehicle, with a lot of modern vehicles now having lots of plastic or carbon covers, we offer to make maintaining them easy using GYEON Q2 Trim.