Deep Clean Detail

Our Deep Clean details are designed to tackle vehicles that need that extra bit of care and attention for cars that have not had regular cleaning care.

What's the difference between a Deep Clean and Maintenance Wash Detail you may ask? It's simple, our maintenance details are designed to maintain work after a deep clean detail, because any car that has been worked on by us at Podium Detailing goes through our methods of cleaning the vehicle to get them to a very high standard, whilst some cars can come to us for the first time and need extra care and attention that require more time than our Maintenance Wash Detail offers, which is why in January 2024, we introduced our Deep Clean Detail.

if you car is in need of some love, wether you have just purchased it second-hand and you can tell it's never had a proper wash, or your car is a daily driver or family car, with kids or pets adding the the dirt and grime or your vehicle hasn’t seen a pressure washer in months, the Deep Clean Detail is designed for you.

Deep Clean Detail Pricing

Podium Detailing Deep Clean Details are available as Exterior or Interior only, or combined as a complete service.

Pricing starts from £130 (VAT included) for Exterior or Interior Only package

Pricing Starts from £175 (VAT Included) for Exterior & Interior complete service.


Maintenance Wash Detail

Our maintenance wash is not a quick 5-10 minute job. We take pride in our work and provide the highest quality finish within a 3-4 hour timeframe, giving your vehicle our full attention.

Our thorough process includes a deep cleaning of the wheels, tires, and underside of the vehicle. We begin by prewashing the vehicle with a combination of citrus-based cleaners and dedicated snow foams to loosen dirt.

Next, we use a multi-bucket method with a dirt lock/guard system to safely wash the vehicle with a PH neutral shampoo and soft microfiber wash mitts/pads made in Korea.

After rinsing the vehicle with our dedicated filtered water system to prevent hard water staining, we start the chemical decontamination process using iron fallout and tar removers.

We then treat the vehicle with a spray sealant to aid in water beading behavior and an easier drying process while it's still wet. We thoroughly air dry the vehicle using the best vehicle air dryers, ensuring that all water is removed, including from water trap areas.

The exterior paint finish is completed with a detailing spray product, enhancing the gloss of normal paint finishes or using dedicated products for Satin/Matte finishes to avoid adding gloss.

We treat the tires and plastic trim with a high-quality dressing that won't sling off.

We then focus on the interior of the vehicle, using top-of-the-range equipment such as steam cleaning, wet/dry vacuums, and dedicated heated upholstery cleaners to thoroughly clean the carpets, seats, and interior trim panels. Finally, we give the vehicle a final check before providing high-quality photographs of the finished job.

Maintenance Wash Detail Pricing

Podium Detailing Maintenance Wash Details are available as Exterior or Interior only, or combined as a complete service.

Prices start from £90* (VAT included) for Exterior or Interior Only options.

Prices start from £135* (VAT included) for Exterior & Interior complete service.

Save 10% on Maintenance Wash Details for future bookings. Every 6th Maintenance Detail booking includes a free half-day pass to the Podium Paddock (Open Wednesdays to Sunday) PLUS a FREE Coffee.

*Additional Charges and time maybe added for excessively dirty vehicles or vehicles with pet hair.