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Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) – Paintwork Protection Film is the ultimate protection for helping prevent stone chips and swirl marks, birdlime, and harsh weather, plus it can help prevent light scruffs.  

 The self-healing film offers you peace of mind that you have the best option of protection to keep your paints finish immaculate, with the ability to self-heal through heat, whether that is from a hot day or warm water. With a guarantee of 10 years, Paintwork Protection Film is highly regarding as the best option for protecting your paints finish. Paintwork Protection Film is also hugely popular for protecting “Piano Black” surfaces which due to the nature of the plastic it is made of, tends to mark very easily. Paintwork Protection Film also offers an option for protecting headlights, including options to tint headlights (with various levels of shade) if you desire that type of look on your vehicle. 

Available in a couple of types of finish, you can select either a clear film or “Stealth” film which makes a painted finish look Satin/Matte. 

 We offer this service which pricing is available upon request, with 3 popular services offered including Front Bumper Coverage, Full Front Coverage and Complete Vehicle Coverage although we can do it to customers’ requirements if you request certain areas to have film applied to the vehicle. 

Warranty +
We offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all our Paint Protection Film installations by our certified team of installers at Podium. Our warranty covers any yellowing, crackling, or lifting of the film, and we guarantee to replace any section of the film that fails to meet these standards during the warranty period (from the date of purchase). However, it is important to note that accidental damage, collisions, intentional misuse, regular wear and tear, and damage caused by using cleaners or products not recommended for PPF are not covered by the warranty. Our clients also receive thorough after-care advice and documentation to ensure their car looks great for many years. For more information on warranty exclusions, full terms and conditions, and after-care advice, please feel free to contact a member of our Podium team.
After Care And Maintenance +
Once our expert installers have applied our state-of-the-art podium to your car, keeping it looking as good as new is a breeze. We provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure your peace of mind. Here are some key points to keep in mind:• To allow the film to cure properly, avoid washing your car for the first seven days after installation. During this time, moisture is still evaporating between the film and paint, and using shampoo can affect the adhesive qualities around the edges of each panel.• After the film has cured, you can wash your car normally using a PH neutral shampoo and high-quality car care products like Gtechnic or Swissvax. If you're using a pressure washer, keep the spray lance at least three feet away from the surface of the film, particularly around the edges, as the pressure may lift the film.• While our podium adds protection to your car, the top layer is similar in makeup to your car's lacquer and can be marked by bug splatters or bird droppings. If you come across any of these, remove them as soon as possible to avoid lasting damage.• You can continue to use polish or wax on your car with podium-covered panels. However, it's important to select the right products. Avoid polishes that are resin, solvent-based, or abrasive as they can leave a haze or damage the self-healing abilities of the film. Instead, we recommend using a good quality natural wax like Carnauba. If you're unsure, our team can recommend specific products.• Any surface scratches or swirl marks in the film will heal over time. However, if you want to speed up the process, pour warm (but not boiling) water over the affected area. This will help the uppermost layer of the film to return to its original state.
What Are The Benefits To PPF +
Our PPF provides exceptional protection for your vehicle's exterior, guarding against a variety of potential hazards. From chips and minor scuffs to bug splatter and damage from poor washing techniques, our PPF is designed to keep your paintwork in top condition.In addition to its protective qualities, our PPF is also known for its exceptional clarity and ease of maintenance. With proper care, your vehicle's finish will maintain its freshly-detailed shine for years to come.One of the most impressive features of our PPF is its self-healing layer. Even in the face of stone chips, scratches, and swirls that don't penetrate the layer, our PPF can "repair" itself with the application of heat. This can come from a variety of sources, including hot tap water, the car's engine, or the sun.Should a panel need to be replaced, you can rest easy knowing that the process is quick and convenient. Unlike traditional paint repairs, which can take days or even weeks, most panels can be replaced in just a couple of hours.Overall, our PPF is a cost-effective solution that is specifically designed to fit each panel of your vehicle. This means that there is little or no need to strip panels, and no extra paint is needed to blend the color to adjacent panels. With our PPF, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle's exterior is protected against a range of potential hazards, while also maintaining its sleek and polished appearance.
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